About Us

The Academy

Certified Trichologist and Holistic Health Practitioner Ky Smith also known as “Your Hair Loss Advocate” is the leading authority in hair and scalp diseases. She started with one salon and wellness center and built that into one of the top trichology businesses in the industry. As Ky’s success grew with trichology she expanded her territory and founded The American Academy of Hair and Scalp Diseases where she teaches other beauty professionals to achieve what came so natural to her – hair loss eradication through health and wellness.

As an international educator and hair loss expert Ky has managed to achieve growth and sustainability leveraging trichology, and has guided hundreds of other beauty professionals to develop the skill set, systems and revenue generation to experience success within their hair loss clinics.

Ky Smith is a trichological genius and a business midwife to beautypreneurs helping them birth their dreams. She’s radical about success! Ky is a published author, sat on countless panels as a hair loss expert sharing her genius, been featured in publications, written articles for health magazines, blogs, and has been highlighted in research papers conducted by Bobbit for Modern Salon as one of the Authorities on the topic of alopecia.

With nearly 30 years in the beauty industry Ky is the head educator at AAHSD and is relentless about pursuing the goals of each student. Trichology has afforded Ky to retire as a hairstylist, but she still actively practices Trichology at the Hair Loss Management Center of Houston reversing hair loss, instilling hope, and increasing longevity with all she encounters.

Who We Are

We are The American Academy of Hair and Scalp Diseases- extended to the world of beauty for every professional to engage in a higher learning experience. We serve students via our online courses to advance their career or to pursue an academic passion. 

We are an accredited academy through American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Our certification program has been vetted by a reputable organization who is dedicated to promoting an enhanced professional image and prestige among practitioners of traditional and nontraditional therapies and modalities. Our Certified Trichologists advance with the title of “Holistic Health Practitioner of Trichology” and become members of an association that offers endless support. 

Our students come to us from every time zone, and every culture, with one thing in common: the motivation to take the next challenging step in their professional lives to render viable solutions to their customers with alopecia and scalp maladies. They find that challenge here, where our academic standards are high and our resources are extensive. 

When you’re investing in your education, you want to be sure you’re learning from the best. In our virtual classroom you engage with professionals at the forefront of trichology who share insights on current research and trends. Under our educators, you can build the knowledge and skills to achieve your goals. 


Because you’re ready to take the next step and don’t let anything get in your way. Build knowledge for a better future in the beauty industry. 

You may have a full plate already: A thriving beauty business. Hectic family schedules. We understand that finding time for school isn’t easy, but if you have the passion and determination, you can pursue a Trichology education. 

Going back to school doesn’t mean putting your life on pause. Our courses were created with the multi-tasking beauty pro in mind. Although balancing life with the rigors of AAHSD   will be challenging, you can still manage your studies by allocating 10% of your time weekly to researching and completing assignments.