Unfortunately, Trichological services and treatments are not covered under typical health care insurance. This is due to the fact that health care plans are only meant to be used toward medical providers, which Trichologists are not. Some Trichologists are registered as “Medical Wig” providers and can take insurance for prosthetic services. However Trichologists are able to accept Flex Spending Accounts, Health Savings Plan Accounts, and Care Credit. Trichololgists should do research on each type of account to ensure that their business meets the criteria to accept this form of payment.

A Health Savings Plan or Flex Spending Account is a savings account that’s funds are only meant to be used for medical expenses. To be eligible the client must first enroll in a High Deductible Insurance plan. The account is set up through the client’s employer and the money is free to be spent towards medical treatments of their choosing. The idea behind this account is that if the client’s own money is used it will be spent more responsibly. A Health Savings Plan or Flex Spending Account can be used for deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, and other approved health care services.

Another alternative is Care Credit. Care credit is a credit card offered by major lenders and health care companies such as Chase, Capital One, and UnitedHealthCare in an effort to help those get access to medical procedures that would not otherwise be affordable. They are limited credit cards that can be used for medical procedures not covered by insurance and copayments for covered procedures. This card, however, functions more like a loan. The client is able to use the card without accruing interest as long as it’s paid off before the determined due date. There are limited options when it comes to assistance with hair loss treatments due to the fact hair loss itself is not considered a medical condition.

When setting up a  hair loss practice it is advantageous for Trichologists to consider accepting all methods of payment available to them as a para-medical professional to create opportunity for those who are unable to pay cash to receive consultation and treatment services. For more information on becoming a Trichologist schedule a call with an advisor.