Encountering the problem of hair loss in our clients usually leaves us, beauty professionals, frustrated for not having the right answers.

But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Hair loss is by no means an irreversible issue without an effective solution, as there are many techniques that can provide long-lasting results. To master them, you’ll need to become an expert in Trichology, the science of hair and scalp diseases. 


What are the requirements to become a hair loss expert?

The first and most important condition:

You need to be driven by a desire to help men and women dealing with hair loss.

This drive has probably brought you to this article in the first place, and your gut feeling is right. Hair loss is one of the most confidence-shattering conditions out there, and thousands of people will be requiring your services as a Trichologist.

To become a Certified Trichologist, it’s recommended that you first get a license as a trained cosmetologist or a barber, this will provide you with a solid foundation that can help you master the field of trichology.

Following the license, you’ll need to finish a Trichology Certification course, such as the one offered by the American Academy of Hair and Scalp Diseases.


What does the certification program look like?

The Certification program lasts 18 months and by completing it, you will earn the title of a Certified Trichologist and Holistic Health Practitioner.  The course is taught online, so you can easily fit it around your day-to-day obligations. The curriculum was designed to support working beauty professionals by incorporating techniques you can immediately apply to your practice and try out on your existing customers.

The course has a set pace you’ll need to follow in order to complete it. This is to ensure that you’ll follow the program alongside your peers, and complete the course in the expected timeframe. The structured approach has proven to be a better choice than a self-paced program, which often means falling behind with work.


Why is it so important to pick a reputable institute to get certified?

Becoming a Trichologist doesn’t require a state license. This might sound like an easy entry point at the first glance, but what this really means is that your credentials will matter more than anything. That’s why a reputable Certification is crucial to earning the trust of your clients who are looking for hair loss solutions.

Not only that, but choosing a high-quality institution to get certified with, means that you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving the most up-to-date knowledge you can access while being connected with top experts in the field. Equally important are connections with your peers who are just as motivated as you are to master Trichology and set up their hair loss services.


What will I be doing as a Trichologist?

Trichologists are called to the rescue whenever there’s a scalp issue such as hair thinning, hair loss, alopecia, flaky scalp, etc.

When you work with a client who’s experiencing one of these issues, you’ll first need to become a detective and take a good look at your client’s lifestyle, habits, psychological factors, underlying conditions, etc. Once you get a clear picture of the circumstances, you’ll need to work in unison with their doctor and suggest appropriate medical tests that will provide more information on the real cause behind the problem.

When the results arrive, you’ll need to interpret them and form an effective strategy to renew your client’s mane. Finally, it is your role to motivate and equip your client with tools and techniques needed to maintain their scalp’s health.


Becoming a Hair Loss Expert in short

There are numerous benefits to becoming a Certified Trichologist, both for yourself and for your clients. You’ll work on eradicating hair loss by offering innovative techniques and holistic solutions to your clients, so that you can restore their hairline and their confidence. In return, your business will thrive and you’ll be recognized as the hair loss authority  in your community. Isn’t that a compelling reason to complete the certification program?


How can I become a specialist in hair loss?

Although a cosmetology or barber license isn’t required to become a trichologist it’s highly recommended to aid in your success before enrolling in a trichology certification program.


How can I become a certified hair loss expert?

Enroll in the Certified Trichologist program here at the American Academy of Hair and Scalp Diseases.  


What skills are required to complete a hair loss expert course?

You’ll need to possess basic knowledge of science – physiology, anatomy, biology – that will allow you to follow along. Our 3-day introductory course to trichology (iD Hair Loss BTC) will ensure that you’re equipped with the necessary knowledge to embark on your trichological journey, find out more here.

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