Are you interested in pursuing a beauty career specializing in hair loss? Or maybe you’re a practicing hair stylist looking to make a new turn on your professional journey?

Whatever might be the reason that brought you here, if you’re looking for more information on becoming a hair loss expert – you’re in the right place.

 In this article, we’ll explain what a hair loss practitioner does day-to-day, what level of income you could expect and how you can become one yourself.


Hair loss practitioner job description

As a hair loss practitioner, your job will be to identify, treat and prevent hair loss and other scalp maladies. While hair styling focuses on the way hair looks, trichology – the science of hair and scalp – looks for the underlying causes responsible for symptoms such as hair loss, hair thinning, scalp flaking, etc.  

Trichologists begin their work with a client by conducting a thorough consultation, looking for any relevant information that will help them pinpoint the real cause of the problem. The next step is to recommend appropriate medical tests, such as comprehensive blood analysis, and serve as a liaison between the client and the ordering physician to get the test results interpreted. 

Once the real reason behind scalp issues has been identified, a hair loss expert will conduct appropriate treatment and recommend at-home care. Effective treatment can not only stop hair loss but also renew the receding hairline (if the hair follicles are still viable).


What qualifications are required to become a hair loss practitioner?

Becoming a hair loss practitioner doesn’t require a license. But think about this for a second – an average person experiencing hair loss has seen many different stylists and tried every single quick fix out there. They’ve spent years looking for the solution, and nothing has worked so far. They lost all hope in recovery. How can you earn their trust enough to get them in your chair, so that you can apply your knowledge and skills as a hair loss expert?

To do this, you’ll need strong assurances from a reputable source. This is why you should get Certified if you wish to work in the hair loss field. As a licensed Cosmetologist or Barber, you can enroll in the Certified Trichologist program with the American Academy of Hair and Scalp Diseases and earn a valuable certificate that will position you as an expert among your peers. Here you can learn more about the program.


Hair loss practitioners’ salary range

If you consult Ziprecruiter, one of the top job websites in the U.S., the average yearly wage for hair loss practitioners is $63,658.

However, if you look at the data we’ve collected first hand, you’ll see that our former students report to have increased their income by $118,368 annually, without having to work long hours. The increase is reported to come from only three hair loss consultations per week. They don’t have to look for new markets or invest into marketing campaigns – the increase comes from their existing clientele who are interested in their additional services.

In other words, as a Certified Trichologist you’ll get to double your income while maintaining work-life balance.


How to become a hair loss practitioner

To begin with, you’ll need to master the basic knowledge of hair care by becoming a licensed Cosmetologist or Barber. Once you complete this step, you’ll be able to enroll in the Certified Trichologist program.

During this 18-month long course, you’ll absorb knowledge and skills that will transform you into a hair loss genius. The program will equip you with the most innovative techniques you can immediately use on your existing clients, even while you’re taking the course.

Once you get certified, you can choose to get employed as a hair loss practitioner or add another line of services to your own business.


Getting certified as a hair loss expert

Becoming a certified hair loss expert can transform your career while helping your clients conquer one of the greatest confidence killers out there. Hair loss is a universal problem affecting men, women and children, but with the right knowledge you can be the force of change. Join us in our quest to eradicate hair loss and take your career to a whole new level.


What are the requirements to become a hair loss practitioner?

You need to be a licensed Cosmetologist or Barber to enroll in the Certified Trichologist program. Learn more about the program here.


What are the salaries of hair loss experts?

Trichologists who have been certified through our program report to earn $118,368 more annually.


How to become a certified hair loss expert?

Enroll to the Certified Trichologist program here.

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