How often do you come across clients who are dealing with hair loss?

Chances are, on a daily basis. Hundreds of men and women in your community are suffering from this and other scalp maladies, with no access to lasting, effective solutions.

If this is what drew you to look into trichology, you’re on the right track. Trichology Certification can equip you to help your clients AND advance your career by expanding your skillset into one of the fastest-growing branches of the beauty industry.

In this article, we’ll review how you can get a Trichology Certification and what you can expect to gain from it.

Trichology Certification: What you need to know

Obtaining a Trichology Certification is now simpler than ever: there are dozens of courses to choose from, and most of them are available online.

But don’t fall for the easy option – the science of hair and scalp can not be taught in a couple of weeks, nor can it be mastered without being used in practice.

A quality certificate course in Trichology will teach you the ins and outs of hair and scalp health from a physiological and psychological perspective, while equipping you with up-to-date techniques and solutions that will help your clients maintain and renew their hairline. A reputable certification course such as the Certified Trichologist program with The American Academy of Hair and Scalp Diseases should offer all of this, and more.

To enroll in our Trichology Certification course, you need to be a State Licensed Cosmetologist and/or Barber. The program lasts 18 months during which you will learn from top hair loss experts and see them in action. You’ll get to apply the learned skills and knowledge to your clients in real-time so that you can implement the curriculum into your practice whilst you’re still in the program.

Once you obtain your Certification, you can expand your current beauty practice or start your own business if you’re currently working at a salon. Earning a reputable Certification will embark you on a journey of becoming the go-to person for hair loss in your community.

Understanding Trichology

In short, Trichology is the science of hair and scalp. It looks beyond the appearance and deals with the physiological causes of unhealthy hair follicles and/or scalp tissue.

There are many scalp maladies that can cause hair to fall out, most of them being commonly misunderstood and mistreated. There is no room for quick fixes and cover-ups in Trichology – quite the opposite. Becoming a hair loss expert means getting to the underlying cause behind the common scalp and hair ailments, and resolving the issue from inside out.

By treating your client as a whole and looking at hair loss from a holistic viewpoint, you’ll get to the source of the issue instead of getting stuck with treating the symptom alone. This is the only way to get long lasting, sustainable results in hair loss treatment.

The benefits of becoming a Trichologist

Some of the benefits of becoming a Certified Trichologist are obvious: you get to help dozens, if not hundreds of your clients whose self-esteem is suffering greatly due to their thinning mane. Losing hair is not to be taken lightly. A receding hairline can cause great harm to one’s confidence, for men and women alike. Offering effective solutions to your clients will become a source of immense gratification for you as a beauty professional, and your clients will be relieved to have access to true expertise in the hair loss field.

Becoming a Certified Trichologist will also have tangible effects on your business. Our students report having increased their income by $118,368 annually after completing the Trichology Certification course. On average, our students add 3 consultations per week to achieve this increase, meaning that they don’t need to expand into new markets or invest into finding new clients. They simply offer an additional service to their existing network and watch their business take off.

How you can become a Certified Trichologist

It shouldn’t take much to realize that becoming a hair loss expert is a beneficial step both for yourself as a beauty professional, and for the community you serve.

Take the first step and enroll into the Certified Trichologist program by the American Academy of Hair and Scalp Diseases. The moment you start the course, you’ll learn skills you can apply to your current practice to begin advancing your career to the next level.

How can I become a Trichologist?

You need to obtain a Trichology Certification. Learn more about the online program here

How Can I Obtain Trichology Certification?

You can enroll in the Certified Trichologist program by the American Academy of Hair and Scalp Diseases here.

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