What Students Are Saying

“My number #1 reason for choosing trichology was because of my passion and desire to provide my clients with more than a hair styling experience. I wanted to understand the biology of hair & scalp health, especially after my mother started to suffer from hair loss due to medication that she has take for the rest of her life.

The program allowed me to understand that there is more to hair loss beyond what the naked eye can see. I noticed that some of my clients hair started thinning and it wasn’t from what I was doing. I now understand how medication, heredity, health issues, etc. will play a huge factor in hair loss. I was also able to develop an awesome support system and gained a sisterhood with my fellow classmates; we laughed, cried, and shared ideas with each other. I am so glad that my good friend and professional colleague referred me to AAHSD. The experience was extremely challenging, especially with other responsibilities such as being a mom, taking care of my mom and running a business. There were times when I thought about giving up because my instructor was pushing too hard, when in fact she was trying to challenge me to be able to achieve my goals, push beyond my feelings and broaden my knowledge base. The experience motivated me to understand how easy it is to be your own hair loss client, due to the stress of my workload, which lead me to name my hair loss wellness clinic “Beyond The Strandz”. I would encourage others to enroll in AAHSD if they have a passion and dedication for the work. You have to be teachable, make sacrifices, have thick skin to work through the program and deal with being pushed beyond what YOU think you can handle.

The program has empowered me!”

Jaimi Jackson

AAHSD Graduate

“If you are seeking to pursue a career in Trichology, I highly recommend AAHSD. This program has definitely exceeded my expectations. The journey wasn’t easy because students are charged to examine themselves mentally, spiritually, and physically; I was stretched outside of my comfort zone- it revealed some ugly truths I had to face within myself if I’d planned to help others. Midway into the program, you will understand why it’s set up the way that it is – trust the process. All of the modules require you to do extensive research, you have to read and study consistently to be successful with this program. There’s no convolution throughout the program, the course is clear and concise. What I love most about the program is receiving effective feedback on homework assignments, clinicals and lectures where our lovely instructor Ky Smith spends hours lecturing us on the information from the modules, and she always gives bonus information outside of the curriculum. I love that she leaves no room for confusion. Never miss lectures!

Let me give insight about Ky Smith, she’s an amazing business woman, coach, and educator.  I can honestly say sense I’ve been a part of her programs, I’m a totally different person- better, stronger, and I have gained knowledge that will not only add more revenue, but I’ve found my genius and life purpose through this program with Ky’s help.  The content in her program keeps me hungry for more.

I spent 7 months in another Trichology program only to discover the information didn’t contain substance to equip me to become a successful trichologist. I left and immediately signed up with Ky and although she knew I was a wounded puppy and scared to start over, she took me under her wing, nourished me with her stern strength and not allowing me to stay in that wounded place. Midway through the program I began practicing the knowledge I’d been learning and now I have several receipts of my clients hair growing back. I’m so thankful AAHSD is a dream come true. Sometimes you don’t realize how something could be a blessing until you walk through the door.

That said I have been on both spectrums of two programs and I can make a clear distinction AAHSD is the best program. Your time and investment will be well worth it. I’m already adding longevity to the lives of others and myself, and I stand on a platform that makes me stand out in my community and that feels amazing. Thank you AAHSD for my gift to myself.”

Betsy H.

AAHSD Graduate

“Before AAHSD I realized that my business was changing and that I needed to do something different because I saw that people that were coming into my salon were losing their hair. I knew that cosmetology was changing and I needed to change as well. I wasn’t sure how to go about helping those people. I only knew a minimal amount of information that could help my clients but I needed more. I sought out a program that could help me understand what was happening to my clients and how I could assist them with their hair loss issues. I did my research and looked at many different programs but wasn’t sure where to go so I sought God on where to go. He led me to AAHSD, to Ky. It was no question of where I was supposed to get my training from. I’m so glad that I listened to His guidance because this was one of the best decisions that I made.

This program is not like any other program. I have taken other programs that said that they were teaching me to be a hair lost specialist and help clients regrow their hair. This program taught me to not only help myself but understand really what the body is saying and how to fish for the root cause even when it seems to be evident. This program taught me to trust what the body is saying and to look past the walls people put up to hide the real reasons they are having issues with their hair and body. It taught me that my emotions have a direct effect on how my body functions. It taught me how to love myself and value who and how God made me. I am forever grateful to Ky because she has equipped me with the knowledge to go out into this world and stamp out hair loss one client at a time.”

Tameshia H.

AAHSD Graduate

“First, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I am truly grateful for what you have poured into us with each module. It was fast paced course with a lot of really good information. I am overwhelmed, scared, excited and full. AAHSD is more than you think you are going get into. I knew from previous lectures I took that we would cover the body system, organs & medication, but I didn’t have a clue of how much of it would actually cover, we covered it all.

The most appealing aspect of this program is the holistic approach because it teaches me to dig deeper when looking at a client’s scalp for even just a simple relaxer consultation. I am having more comprehensive conversations with my clients about their scalp & hear health. Instead of just saying when I see hair loss that has been going on for a while and seems to be getting worst, “have your doctor run a full blood test on you”. I can now explain why they need it & how the body impacts their hair. I can give them information to fight for their health. AAHSD taught me how to look at my business in a different way and see the value that I can bring to my clients as stylist who cares about their scalp & hair health, I thought I was doing that before but, I was lacking so much knowledge that is necessary to continue to serve them properly. The good and the bad is that I have to cut the cord and begin to work on my own.

The journey is just beginning but I now a solid foundation and enough understanding on how to continue and find the answers that I need. Also, I am blessed to have my brand new tribe of incredible women to walk along side of me. I don’t know if I would have been able to get through without them. Again, thank you for all you do with AAHSD. I don’t know how you put together such a comprehensive program or how you keep going. I wonder does Ky sleep? I recommend this program to everyone!”

Eurayshia W.

AAHSD Graduate

“Thank you for all of your support and positive energy. I learned more than becoming a TRICHOLOGIST from you. Thank you for answering the call and helping change lives on so many different levels.”

Deme P.

AAHSD Graduate

“American Academy of Hair and Scalp Disease is a school that will force you to expand the way you think. At times I would become frustrated when I had to dig so deep for information that I thought would be easy to discover. I am thankful for this experience because it has pushed me to limits that I never thought of reaching. I want to take the founder, Ky Smith, for that push; replaying her voice in my head was a constant reminder that kept me on course. It’s been challenging and this will be a journey that I choose to stay on because I can see the reward at the end of those challenges. Only l the chosen ones are fit for this course. I thank God I was one of them.”

Felicity A.

AAHSD Graduate

“This course was an eye opener for me, each module was very informative as to how body should be operating and if it isn’t operating at its optimal level the module explained what would be the cause and how it could be possibly balanced. Holistically, I thoroughly enjoyed reading each of the modules and, I am now incorporating what i have learned in my consultations as well as some general conversations with my clients, especially analyzing the tongue, fingers, toes, and even bowel movements. I am now in the process of reading over my modules as repetition to help me remember certain topics that were talked about especially when we had our clinical training.

I learned a lot from the live clinical sessions, and learned we have to listen to our clients as well as their actions all clients may not be honest because they are not comfortable. I know that after reading all of these modules I will to be able to remember everything so soon but I will have these references incase i need confirmation. The blood test module was a very informative, there is definitely a difference optimal and normal. Learning about what medications deplete vitamins and minerals was also an eyeopener as well as all of the ingredients that are in certain vitamins that does not cater to the problem. Lastly even though I had everything written down when a video was due, I can always listen to them as needed as well as refer to the module.

Jeanette F.

AAHSD Graduate

“This course was such an eye opener for me spiritually, mentally, and of course physically. Although, I was a little intimidated by the information initially but it became easier and I was able to understand more and more every time a module was due. Each lecture, and clinical gave so much more then I could have ever expected. We never knew what to expect but we did know that we would learn something that most of the world didn’t know about. It was such a good learning experience that I would do all over again if I had to. Ky, thank you for being the unapologetic educator/genius that you are. Never giving us room to fall through the cracks. Thank you again, for being so compassionate and obedient about what God has given you to give to the world.”

Katrece O.

AAHSD Graduate

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