A Certified Trichologist is a para-medical professional that bridges the gap between Cosmetology and Dermatology. When going to see a Trichologist they will perform analyses to get a better understanding of the client’s condition. Some of the analyses that will be performed include health, lifestyle, microscopic scalp assessment, microcirculation therapy, low level light therapy, oxygen therapy, and scalp exfoliation treatments. They are not medical doctors and are not qualified to perform blood work or medical procedures. In order to provide a safe environment for the client and prevent further damage, these treatments should only be performed by a Certified Trichologist that has been trained to use this equipment.

A Trichologist can make a world of difference to those suffering with hair and scalp issues. Using their expertise, they can analyze the client’s current condition and create a plan to help them recover. With Trichologists being para-medical professionals that specialize in the hair and scalp they are often more beneficial than a dermatologist, however in certain cases of biopsy a dermatologist will be needed.  Focused on internal alignment, Trichologists have an exceptional understanding of the body systems and how they contribute to hair loss and other scalp maladies. Using their tools to analyze the scalp and their knowledge to bring balance to the body, Trichologists are the most successful in their field for restoring hair.

Although, Trichology on its own is only half the knowledge you need to flourish in this industry. It’s recommended that licensed Cosmetologists pursue a Trichological certification. The educated know there is more to hair care than knowing how to style and cut it. When there is a client in your chair it’s important to know how to help them when they are struggling with hair loss and/or scalp maladies. When you have a deeper understanding of the body and how each body system affects hair growth, you will be able to restore their hair and their health.

For more information about becoming a certified trichologist schedule a call with an advisor.