Trichology is the study of the hair and scalp, including the maladies and their treatments. Trichologists are para-medicals that focus on holistic health, they work with clients to restore their hair and resolve the ailment causing their symptoms. Holistic health is important in restoring hair because it considers the body as a whole, and focuses on healing the entire body instead of focusing on a specific body system. An important part of this includes knowing how well your body functions internally, this requires blood tests that can only be done by a medical professional.

Working with the medical community is important for Trichologists as they cannot diagnose illnesses or order tests themselves. In order to get a comprehensive view of the client, labs and other medical analysis is important. Western medicine describes a healthy person as one who isn’t “sick”, as in presenting symptoms of an illness. However, true health is when your body is functioning optimally, and this is what Trichologists seek to do for their clients- at AAHSD it’s referred to as “Functional Trichology”.. When given an in-depth look at the help of the client the Trichologist will understand where the symptoms are and create a protocol to balance the body naturally, allowing the body to function with little to no medication.

It is an unfortunate reality that most of the population today relies on synthetic drugs in order to remain “healthy”. Holistic health gets the body to function at its peak and may even be able to correct bodily functions so the client no longer needs medication. Trichologists understand that hair loss goes deeper than the hair and is a symptom of a greater issue. With their extensive knowledge of the physiology of the hair and scalp, nutrition, and body systems they are able to realign the body and restore the hair naturally.

For more information about becoming a certified trichologist schedule a call with an advisor.