If you’re thinking about expanding your beauty career into the growing field of hair loss treatments by becoming a Certified Trichologist, this article is for you. In it you will find out how to become a sought-after expert in all things hair loss, and what to expect from a trichology certification courses.

What is the difference between a hair stylist and a trichologist?

In short, the job of a hair stylist is to make hair look good. The job of a trichologist is to make it healthy from within.

Trichologists are hair and scalp health specialists who uncover the underlying causes behind common scalp maladies. They begin their process with a thorough investigation of the client’s health condition, lifestyle and psychological issues. By digging deep and thoroughly examining every possibility, trichologists are able to pinpoint the real reason behind a flaky scalp or alopecia, and then suggest effective (and lasting) strategies to manage the malady.

Once the underlying cause is pinpointed , a Trichologist can work as a liaison between their client and a licensed medical professional to resolve the underlying problem. When the research process is over and the correct diagnosis is set, a Trichologist can perform topical treatments such as oxygen therapy, detoxification treatments, or low laser light therapy, that will support hair and scalp health.

How to become a Certified Trichologist

To become a Trichologist, you don’t need to be licensed by the state. This might seem like an easy entry point, but it actually makes it even more important to be certified by a reputable organization. Skimming through a 2-week long course simply won’t do it. To truly master the field of trichology and begin your journey towards becoming a recognized hair loss expert, you need to dive deep and learn from established trichology pros.

Getting certified will influence your beauty career in two ways: one, you’ll learn valuable skills that you can apply to your current practice or start a new one, if you’re looking for a chance to become your own boss; and two, you’ll earn recognition from both your peers and your clients. As a result, you’ll be able to advance your career to the next level.

What to expect from a trichology certification courses

Many trichology certification courses available online only offer tidbits of information and abstract science that makes it difficult to implement in a salon or hair loss clinic. A quality certification course, such as the Certified Functional Trichology program with The American Academy of Hair and Scalp Diseases, is just the opposite. It will not only teach you the science behind scalp health, but also equip you with practical skills you can use on your clients immediately.

Experienced trichology pros will educate you on the most cutting edge equipment and the most current, effective techniques to investigate and treat common scalp and hair maladies. At the end of the program, you’ll be equipped to build strategies for the most complex cases of alopecia and scalp disorders.

You’ll dive into physiology mapping and how it correlates to hair growth, alopecia, and itchy flaky scalps.

Why it’s important to learn from the pros

It’s easy enough to spend a couple of weeks following a self-paced online course that promises certification in trichology. However, you’ll lack real life examples from experienced hair loss professionals who can mentor you on the way to success. They’ve been in your shoes, and have taken years to build up their expertise and their reputation. By learning from them, you get to soak up their insights and boost your career without taking years to get there.

Exchanging best practices with your peers is also important, as it gives you an insight into current, real-life situations that you’re likely to come across in your own practice. By being part of an extensive network of hair loss practitioners, you can shorten the learning process and acquire a safety net that you can rely on whenever you need a second opinion.



How can I become a Certified Trichologist?

You’ll need to finish a certification program such as the Certified Functional Trichology course.

What skills will I develop if I become a trichologist?

You’ll learn how to identify the underlying causes behind hair and scalp maladies and how to build effective multi-modality plans for recovery.

How long does it take to become a Certified Trichologist?

Our Certified Functional Trichology program takes 18 months to complete.

Where can I find a reputable Trichology Certification course?

Here you can learn more about the Certified Functional Trichology program with The American Academy of Hair and Scalp Diseases.

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