The beauty industry is a fast paced one. New findings and techniques are regularly being announced and our clients expect us, beauty professionals, to keep up the pace. This means continuous learning and skill development if we wish to serve our clients at a high standard.

One of the fastest growing and most lucrative branches of the beauty industry is hair loss. If we look past the quick fixes and cover-up techniques, we’ll find the solution for hair loss in trichology, the science of hair and scalp. It’s no surprise that a rising number of cosmetologists and barbers are looking into this field, trying to both help their clients and advance their beauty careers.

If you’re considering adding the title of a Trichologist to your list of skills, this article will give you valuable insights into why you should give careful consideration to which academy can get you there.

Why is it necessary to look out for a certified hair and scalp academy?

If you start looking for a trichology course online, dozens of options will pop up. But beware – most of them have one thing in common: they only scratch the surface of the deep and intricate field of hair and scalp health.

To truly master trichology and become a renowned expert, you’ll need to take a deep dive into the science behind hair and scalp. And to come out of this journey as a professional, you’ll need guidance from experts who have been on the same path and have tested their skills in practice over many years.

Make sure that the curriculum of the academy you’re considering is based on scientific foundations, but that includes practical tools and techniques you can apply immediately. The educators you learn from should have practical experience in successfully treating scalp maladies, that they can share with you along the way.

With all this in mind, receiving a certification from a reputable academy at the end of your course sends a strong message both to your clients and your peers. It shows that behind your skills and your practice stands a strong backing of a whole team of top-level hair and scalp specialists vouching for your expertise.

What kind of training should future Trichologists go through?

A Certified Trichologist serves as a bridge between a hair loss sufferer and a medical specialist. Their task is to get to the root of the issue, uncover the real reason behind bothersome scalp conditions and suggest appropriate course of action. To achieve all this, a Certified Trichologist has to master many skills and dive into different aspects of human health.

A Trichologist will need to internalize the basics of physiology, anatomy and even biochemistry. They’ll need to deeply understand the integumentary system – the skin, hair, nails and glands – and how this system can manifest ailments that are present in different parts of the body.

An experienced Trichologist will be able to look at the symptoms their client is presenting (including hair loss, but also other physical and psychological signs) and assess what is the common denominator that’s likely causing them. They also need to understand medical tests and blood works, so that they can recommend them.

Finally, Trichologists have to be able to perform topical treatments that support and renew hair and scalp health, as well as recommend appropriate products for at-home care.

Where can I find the best scalp academy to do hair treatment courses in America? 

When looking for the best scalp academy in the U.S., there are several factors to take into consideration:

  1. How flexible is the course? An online based course will allow you to fit it in around your work and home obligations.
  2. How practical is the curriculum? Is it more theory based, or will you gain knowledge you can implement on your clients right away?
  3. Who is teaching the course? Are the educators’ credentials convincing and based in real life experiences?
  4. Does the course support connection between peers, so that you can exchange insights and best practices?
  5. How will the course affect your bottom line?

All of these and more you’ll find in the Certified Trichologist program by the American Academy of Hair and Scalp Diseases. The moment you start the course, you’ll be able to apply the learned skills to your current practice and advance your career to the next level.

The change will be evident not only on your clients’ scalps but also in your bank account. The data we’ve collected through research shows that Certified Trichologists increase their income by $118,368 annually – and that’s from booking only three hair loss consultations per week. Here you can learn more about this life-changing course and how to apply it.

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